imagePlaying games at school is a fun and joyful thing that students enjoy doing. There are a lot of games that can be downloaded and played in the computer. Others can be installed in to your computer through storage Medias such as compact disks, flash disks or floppy disks. These are some of the sources that one can play his favorite games from. However, the internet has grown to be one of the largest places where people play games. Online games are more fun and engaging than the normal locally installed games. What makes online games more fun is the ability to play with millions of people who are always finding opponents to play with.
However, there are games with limited access and have to be bought for any player to participate. However, there are many more unblocked games online that everyone can play with a good internet connection. These games are free to play and all that one needs to play is an internet connection. Many schools install firewall softwares that help in maintaining the security of any unwanted programs from running in to the school network. Internet is full of malware softwares that can easily crash the schools network leading to loss of data and damaging other programs. To curb such problems from occurring, Microsoft has security software installed in their operating system. Other than the original protection software, the school administration may decide to buy and install firewall software such as Kaspersky, Norton, AVG, McAfee and many other available types of softwares.

When programs such as a game require access to another computer on a network, the programs or game must have the access to send the information through a network port. Firewall softwares are used to block unauthorized access to your computer. However, unblocked games at school can still be played even when the school internet firewall doesn’t allow online games. This is possible with few steps on the configuration of your software settings. Before checking on any settings, you should start by checking which firewall software is blocking you from accessing the game.

Many computers have more than two firewall softwares. Usually the windows firewall in case you are using windows and the other purchased software such as Kaspersky. In such a case, playing blocked games in school would start by deactivating one of the firewall software. This will allow you to access your games online. If this does not work, then the next software is responsible for the blockage. In case it is the windows firewall software, here are some guidelines on how to allow it access the game. My instructions are on windows 7.

• You have to start by opening the windows software by going to the start button on bottom left, next is clicking the control panel. In the control panel, search firewall and then click on windows firewall.

• Click advanced settings on the left pane. If password is requested, key in the password or provide the needed information

• On the windows firewall advanced security dialog box, click on inbound rules on the left pane and then on the right pane select new rule.

• Follow the instructions provided in the new inbound rule wizard.

If this still doesn’t allow you to play the online game, you can proceed to use the incoming connection troubleshooter to automatically identify the problem and fix it. This can be done by typing in troubleshooter in the control panel search box, select view all followed by selecting incoming connections. To allow games to communicate with your windows vista you need to;• Select start button followed by control panel, select security followed by windows firewall.

• Select allow a program through windows firewall in the left pane. If passwords are required, type in the passwords or provide the confirmations needed.

• Tick or select the check that corresponds to the program you want to run and you are done.

If this doesn’t work, you should the settings of any other firewall software that could be running on the background. The procedure almost looks similar to ones given above. These procedures will allow you to play the unblocked games at school, by choosing your favorite one in many of the websites that offer free games online.

CAUTION: Before disabling or allowing games to communicate with your school computer, you should consider the risks involved and that could be faced by your school network.


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