Tree Nursery Co, an affordable nursery service provider

GardenTree Nursery Co is a wholesale online nursery located in the heart of the nursery capitol of Mcminnville Tennessee. Specializing in quality trees, shrubs, ferns and perennials Tn Wholesale Nursery online guarantees you the best prices on quality nursery stock. Perennials are priced .59 cents. Unlike large mail order catalogs that charges $12.99, we offer you the exact same products but at much lower prices. The way Wholesale Nursery Co can offer savings like this is they are the grower. There are no brokers, middle men or retail involved. Just a large tree farm nestled in the hills of Tennessee with 56 years of growing knowledge and over 3200 acres of plant and tree availability. Wholesale Nursery Co has some of the most prestigeous clientle also. From the 911 crash site plantings to the Kluge Estate to Dollywood, this nursery knows quality at an affordable prices.

Most online nurseries re buy plants from other nursery sources. Wholesale Nursery Co grows their own stock, digs fresh and ships within one day. No where can anyone get quality landscaping supplies at more affordable prices.