Gold As An Investment – Why Invest In Gold, How To Invest In Gold & Where To Buy Gold For Investment

Gold BarsGold has survived 5,000 years of man-made market manipulations, and fiat paper currencies that have failed time and time again. You can bet that when the government continues printing money at will, gold will skyrocket once again.

Did you know the Federal Reserve is printing about $85 billion per month of new money through a program called Quantitative Easing? This is the 3rd round and like all the last programs it has to come to an end. And, did you know this could be one of the greatest investment opportunities since the financial crash of 2008?

The last time they ended Quantitative Easing 2 was June 31, 2011 and at the time gold was sitting at $1500 per ounce while silver was sitting at $34 per ounce. In less than 2 month of ending Quantitative Easing 2 by August 22, 2011 gold skyrocketed to over $1900 per ounce while silver moved to over $46. If you do the math that is a 35% increase in silver and a 27% increase in gold in LESS than 2 months! The reason this happened is because gold and silver are the ultimate hedge against the devaluation of the dollar and as they print more money… gold and silver become extremely valuable. The time to buy gold for investment and other precious metals such as silver is now.

The Cyprus government tried to levy all bank deposits in their country and all depositors were set to lose 6% of their deposits and 10% if they had deposits over €100,000. This desperate move made by government was used to raise money for the growing sovereign debt issues in Cyprus.

Did you also know that the last time they reset the financial system in the United States the price of gold increased overnight by over 40%? When this reset occurred millions upon millions of Americans lost their hard earned wealth in the blink of an eye. The grim reality is that this could happen again in the near future. Signs of this happening again in the United States should be obvious.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to HEDGE my investments. If you think you are helpless against the coming times… you are WRONG. There is a loop hole that could protect retirement account in the coming times. This loop hole allows investors to move existing retirement account into physical gold that they can hold in their hands completely tax free WITHOUT their financial planner.

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Before purchasing gold as an investment or silver from another company, I would urge you to read and find out more about this company at first. At the website, you can request for Gold IRA Rollover kit. For a very limited time this company is offering a completely free investment kit that can be mailed right to your front door step and shows you exactly how to move your existing retirement account into physical gold and silver. The gold investing kit will also provide information on closely-guarded secrets of the precious metals industry.

This is NOT the paper form of gold – which is traded on the stock market, and would be completely USELESS during a financial crisis. I am talking about real, physical gold that you can touch and hold.

Gold is the safest long term investment in the world. Whatever you decide, please take care of yourself out there.

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