7 Changing Shapes of Men’s physics – Which best describes you?

Nacho, cucumber, string bean, tomato, Pear, no this is not my shopping list but is in fact describing the changing shape of men’s physique. New research concluded that contrary to the old adage of rounded skinny and broad, men’s shapes actually fall into seven distinct categories. The poll, conducted by UK menswear retailer Jacamo identified these shapes through an extensive survey completed by their own customers.


picture provided by UK big mens clothing retailer – xlme.co.uk


The results show almost half (49%) of men surveyed fell into the PEAR shape category, all showing some extra weight around the middle areas. On the flip side of this the more desired body shapes of the nacho, cucumber and brick only managed 40 per cent combined with nacho at 5 per cent, the balanced all round shape of the cucumber at 15 per cent and the solid brick shape at 10 per cent.

Moreover, men picking up the last 11 per cent were found to be either tall and thin nicknamed the string beans or rounded like snowmen.

The survey also went on to reveal the vast majority of men are struggling with self-esteem and confidence issues, with a staggering 72 per cent admitting to hating their physical appearance with over half wanting to change their appearance and lose weight. Sound familiar? Then you are not alone.

When interviewed by the UK Daily Mail, Professor Brendan Gough, men’s health and body image psychologist at Leeds Metropolitan University acknowledged the survey to comply with his own studies.

“We now live in a world where appearance is very important for guys – in work, relationships and wellbeing,” he told Daily Mail.

He attributed these developments to rising standards from women due to the perceptions of modern men in magazines and on television.

“We are surrounded by media images of lean, muscular male bodies, and now as a result, men care more about how they look,” he said.




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