3 hottest Christmas gift for golfers


Photo by mktmetrotel via Flickr

The golf industry is worth billions and billions of dollars. It is made up of golf equipment and accessories, and a whole host of other products that would confuse you at first sight.

Golfers would do anything to improve their golf game. From taking lessons to reading books, to buying training aids and video courses all in the hope of shaving a few strokes off their score.

Keeping in mind that golfers are always trying to improve, here is the 5 hottest Christmas gifts that will improve golfer’s scores.

The one gift that will make the single biggest impact in a golfer’s game is to have some lessons with a PGA professional. These guys know what they are taking about, and will be able to iron out any kinks in a golfer’s swing.

Ever heard the saying “drive for show, putt for dough”? Well, that might be a cliché, but it still rings true and most likely will always hold true. A practice putting green makes a great gift for golfers of any ability. There are indoor and outdoor models available, and they are made from many different materials. These can range in price from $100 up to thousands of dollars. The important thing is to groove that putting stroke to perfection so that those 4 footers fall more regularly.

A hot new trend in the golf industry is little pieces of technology called swing analyzers. These are small devices that attach to a golf club and give the golfer feedback on their swing. These little devices will show swing path, swing speed and a whole bunch of other measurements that a golfer can then measure, and work towards improving.

Any golfer that receives one of the above gifts this Christmas, is bound to be scoring much lower in the new year.